there is an exception to every rule

1579 T. F. News from North D1v There is no rule so generall, that it admitteth not exception, albeit i dout not..that honors chaunge maners.

1608 T. HEYWOOD Rape of Lucrece V. 169 A general concourse of wise men... Tarquin, if the general rule have no exceptions, thou wilt have an empty consistory [council chamber].

1773 R. GRAVES Spiritual Quixote III. IX. xviii. The rules of Grammar cannot, in any language, be reduced to a strict analogy; but all general rules have some exceptions.

1836 MARRYAT Midshipman Easy I. xii. I have little reason to speak in its favour..but there must be exceptions in every rule.

1981 Listener 21 May 683 ‘There is still something awe-inspiring about a duke,’ we are informed. Only those who share such values will want to read Heirs and Graces. Even they should remember that there is an exception to every rule.

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